A Part of the Whole

In the coolness of autumn, the warm colors of change provide a comforting predictability.  We look at the trees, in their hues of orange, red, and yellow, as a collective whole. Most value the individual trees only by their contribution to the entirety of the palette. There is goodness in this kind of admiration, but I fell in love with fall’s implication of the individual, not the certainty of the whole.

At the earliest sign of transformation, I see the individual and I delight in its distinction. The bold contrast between the monotonous greens and the rich orange is beautiful and undeniable. Trees that go unnoticed all year break free from their tedium and demand attention.

Most wait expectantly for the forest to join in before they truly begin to revel in the season. They wait for the forest to paint the landscape handsomely and they forget had it not been first for the radical alteration of one, there would be no reverence for all.

Autumn implies that there is strength and importance in our concerted efforts, but we put at risk the fullness of joy until each singular soul is first treasured for its providential beauty.