Puppy Love?

Dear Franklin,
You’ve lived with me a week to the day. I take pride when friends, and even strangers, comment on your handsome features (like I had something to do with it). I’ve found you to be an excellent cuddler, and though you are still small, I feel a greater sense of security with you in my house. Your eyes are expressive and your ears are even more so. You are a wonderful first dog for a first time dog owner. In general, Franklin, you have been a delight. In general...
However, I wish I could be as excited to see you as you are to see me when I come home to a soiled kennel. And when you start tearing through my house like your tail is on fire, I wish you’d take note of my disapproving stare and politely retire to your dog bed instead of nipping at my jeans. It would be lovely if after you gnawed on your toys and spit out itty bitty little pieces all over my floor, you’d have the decency to clean up your mess. Oh yes, and Franklin, I don’t appreciate when at 5:30 in the morning you tell me you can’t possibly sleep a moment longer so we adventure out on a walk only for you to fall asleep again twenty minutes after returning home.  
In conclusion, Franklin, I’m learning to love you even when I have a hard time liking you.  I think I’ll keep you so long as you promise to grow out of puppyhood soon.
Your Pseudo-Alpha Dog