A Tribute to True Love

When he said “I do” he didn’t know she would save every card he ever gave her.  He didn’t know about the career changes or the layoff.  He didn’t know about the stress that followed.  He didn’t know they would settle in a small town apart from friends and family.  He didn’t know something as simple as toothpaste would fuel a fight, and he didn’t know about the roses he would buy to help heal the hurt afterwards.  He didn’t know she would slowly begin to forget; small details at first and then larger.  He didn’t know the full extent of his vow “in sickness and in health.”       

When she said “I do” she didn’t know he would be away for days, and even weeks, because of his promise to provide.  She didn’t know about their four children, or that two would happen to come at the same time.  She didn’t know in moments of frustration she would walk away, only to return again after the moment passed.   She didn’t know that for twenty plus years they would own the same furniture or that for thirty plus years they would own the same house.  She didn’t know he would battle a disease that was actively trying to claim his life, and she didn’t know how the promise “until death do us part” would feel.

When they said “I do” they didn’t know when she communicated sentiment he would communicate humor.  They didn’t know her preference for a simple palate would inspire his desire for more flavor.  They didn’t know of the warmth and acceptance their families would offer.  They didn’t know about the death of loved ones. They didn’t know that she preferred more blankets when he preferred fewer.  They didn’t know about the trips they would take and the adventures they’d have with their children in tow.  They didn’t know about the sacrifice, the mistakes, the tragedy, the fear, the confusion, the forgiveness, the accommodation, the privilege, the joy, the romance, the laughter, the gratification, the grace, the passion, the commitment, and the entirety of their love.  They didn’t know about these things, yet they chose to say
“I do” every day for 38 years.  

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  I hope one day to understand love the way you do.