Study of Human Mating Rituals

The following is a scientific journal excerpt, written by Dr. Les Ismorr (1791), describes observational findings and researched facts about the mating habits of people, specifically man-folk:   

The human male has learned to expel great amounts of time and energy in order to attract a mate. Due to generational preferences, we see a wide variety of courtship rituals among this population of humans.  Though it is in the youngest generation of matured males we observe the most elaborate behaviors.

One courtship behavior documented in a small percentage of males is the practice of expressing approval of a female by yelling, honking, whistling, barking, and/or gesturing from an automobile. (For more information on the automobile, see Appendix A.)  Often validated by other male companions, or playmates, the human male indubitably interprets such courtship behaviors as fruitful.  Unaware of the detrimental effect this conduct has on their attempts at finding a suitable female, males quickly develop a false sense of confidence.  This brash assurance later causes this group of males to make increasingly impulsive decisions in regards to finding a female, frequently yielding no reward. 

Ismorr, L, Dr. (1791, Septembruary). Animal Behavior: Mating Rituals of 
the Immature Human Male.  Journal of Completely 
Legitimate Observations, 44(55), 22-33.