Jailed Christmas

He was convinced he would be out by Thanksgiving, but by the second week of December he was still in his blues sitting across from me at a sterile table in a room made of plate glass. He was happier than the week before, even though he learned he would spend Christmas locked away.  When the rest of the world is waking up to sounds of last minute wrapping, he will wake up to a room check.  When the rest of the world is cuddled up next to brothers and sisters opening gifts, he will be granted a single visit by his single mom.   When the rest of the world is eating in the holiday-adorn dining room, he will be eating off a plastic tray.

We make our choices and live with the natural consequences, whether good or bad.  He acted out in violence and now risks never returning to the house he called home.  In those heartbreaking moments I was granted, my words only gained momentum by means unearthly.  He stared at me with brimming lids.  His glossy eyes desperately tried to hide his desire to believe the things I was telling him and the verses I was reading.  We prayed and his prayers remained unspoken.
We are gifted God’s spirit not to love the people who are easy to love, but to love the modern day lepers.  Our world has turned children into criminals and has unknowingly convinced them they are incapable of more.  When did our power and love succumb to timidity?